Proof School offers a transformative liberal arts education for kids who love math.

At Proof, students are immersed in a challenging and joyful school experience where they feel a deep sense of belonging.

Our courses emphasize exploration, problem solving, and communication. Students build a strong foundation in mathematics, literature, science, art, history, computer science, and languages. Our middle school curriculum is filled with hands-on and project-based learning; high school courses across all disciplines start at the advanced high school and introductory college level.

Community is core to who we are. With just over 100 students in grades 6-12, Proof School is a place where each student is known and each idea is heard. Founded in 2015, we have been growing alongside our students by listening, experimenting, and striving to make each year better than the one before.

Beyond the classroom, students have ample opportunity to discover new interests, pursue independent projects with faculty mentorship, and lead student initiatives. While we are not a school that can do everything, we are a school where nearly anything is possible.



Our mission and principles define what it means to be a Proofnik.


Proof School offers a transformative liberal arts education to young people with an active curiosity and a passion for mathematics, equipping them to reason, communicate, and positively impact their world.

Community Principles

1. Proofniks look out for each other.

2. Proofniks think before they act—and after.

3. Proofniks seek out new ideas and challenges.

4. Proofniks don’t jaywalk.


Our school is built by the people in it.

Our teachers are intellectually vibrant, creative, and compassionate individuals who are united by a shared mission of nurturing our students.

Supporting them are our trio of dedicated administrative staff. Our school leadership team oversees the daily learning environment of the school, while the Board of Directors steers the school’s long-term trajectory. 


Each year, we look for teachers who can grow with us. 

Teaching positions are structured to give teachers ample time to prepare for classes, respond to student work, and collaborate with colleagues. A standard teaching load totals 10 hours per week of class time, with an average class size of 12 students. Faculty participate in the full life of the school, from running clubs to mentoring students to engaging in outreach.

More details about current faculty openings are below.


California Law AB 500 requires schools to post policies regarding employee-student interactions, which is included here.