Joshua Zucker co-founded the Math Teachers' Circle and is the Founding Director of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals. 


He is a freelance math teacher. He co-founded the Math Teachers’ Circle in 2006, a program which has now grown to over 50 sites nationwide, and he co-leads workshops on How to Run a Math Teachers’ Circle. 

Josh is also the founding director of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals. He leads math circles throughout the Bay Area for students and teachers of all ages and is an instructor for the Art of Problem Solving. He has taught mathematics online, at community colleges, and at both public and private high schools.

As a high school student, Josh was a member of the first US team to compete at the International Physics Olympiad in 1986. He graduated from Stanford in 1990 with a BS in Physics and MS in Mathematics, and then earned an MS in Astronomy at UC Berkeley. In 2012, he represented the US as a team member at the World Sudoku Championships in Croatia. 

B.S., Physics, M.S., Mathematics, Stanford; M.S., Astrophysics, UC Berkeley