Melanie Matchett Wood is a number theorist and algebraic geometer at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Previously, she was a Szego Assistant Professor at Stanford. Melanie received her Ph.D. in 2009 at Princeton University, working with Manjul Bhargava.

As a high school student from Indiana, she was the first American female to serve on the USA IMO team. In college, at Duke University, she was the first American female Putnam fellow and first female to win the Morgan Prize for undergraduate research. Melanie has helped coach USA IMO teams as well as the USA team at the China Girls’s Mathematical Olympiad. 

Among the long list of awards that she has garnered in her young career, perhaps the most impressive is her selection in 2012—just 3 years after her doctorate—as a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

Ph.D., Princeton University