Students need to grow not just as academic scholars but as full human beings.

We offer a full program of social and emotional learning (SEL) for students at all grade levels. 

We cover essential life skills and topics such as communication and empathy, self-awareness and reflection, goal-setting and organization, and sex education and health.

We focus on these topics in participatory workshops and activities offered during Flex Fridays and Build Weeks. Students develop and practice many of these skills in academic classes of all disciplines, with a focus on mediated discussions, collaborative projects, and weighing multiple, nuanced perspectives.

Further, we model SEL values and competencies in all school interactions from morning meetings to disciplinary procedures to the collaboration between teachers.

Important to our SEL curriculum is deliberate reflection at the end of each block, during which each student writes up a challenge and success of the previous block and authors a set of goals for the future.