Proof School offers a transformative liberal arts education designed for kids who love math.

Our courses are challenging across the curriculum, emphasizing exploration, problem solving, and communication.

Proof School students build a strong foundation in mathematics, literature, science, art, history, computer science, and languages. Our middle school curriculum emphasizes hands-on and project-based learning; high school courses across all disciplines start at the advanced high school and introductory college level.

All students pursue their interests beyond the core requirements through student-driven studies and projects, under the mentorship of school faculty. Starting in 10th grade, these studies and projects are formalized in a course called Project Studio.  

Our students build the stamina to struggle with and solve hard problems and difficult questions. The daily schedule, with three long class periods per day, allows students to stretch themselves and engage in deep learning. 

Underlying the diversity of our student body is a common passion for mathematics. Our students immerse themselves in math, ask thoughtful questions, derive proofs, and communicate their findings. These are students who take learning beyond the confines of a test, a textbook, and a course.

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