Our students genuinely love math, learning across the curriculum, and working with like-minded peers.

Proof School students are internally driven to spend more than two hours on math in school every day.

They are persistent with projects and problems that are challenging and inspiring. They are demonstrably interested and ready in areas outside of mathematics, from music to laboratory sciences to history and literature. Our students are curious, and they genuinely enjoy collaborating with others.

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Who are "math kids"?
Put simply, a math kid is someone who loves math, but how he or she expresses that love takes many different forms. A simple metric is whether your child is excited to be in a math classroom for over two hours each day.

Proof School aims to be an exciting home for just about any kid who loves math, regardless of their background. Progress is measured individually, not in relation to other students. We celebrate each student's success, in every form it takes.

Our math curriculum ranges from courses accessible to any sixth grader enthusiastic about math to courses that would be challenging even for an undergraduate math major. All classes stress depth and investigation over speed and acceleration.