I love coming to Proof School every day. It's great how everyone here is energetic and easy to talk to. I really enjoy going to Proof because, even though I have learned so much math while here, I have also learned so much about art, history, literature, and more.

-Sophia, 10th GradeR

Proof School is one of the best places for girls out there! At my old school, I had great friends, but kids seemed to judge each other for simple things like what they wore and who they talked to. At Proof School, kids aren't like that. We're each different but we all have something in common: a love for math. Honestly, that's enough to weave us together and form beautiful friendships.

-Aditi, 8th grader

The community here at Proof School is open and inviting. Boys and girls from different grades and classes are mixed together as one large community. The girls are really nice, and they've been more than willing to befriend all of us new students this year.

-Zoe, 8th grader

I love the community at Proof School because everyone is kind to each other. I am also very happy I came here because every day I am being challenged, and not only in mathematics.

-Lili, 11th grader