The commute might seem like a major drawback, but for most of us it's actually an important part of school life. Proof School would not be the same without its sense of community, and the time we spend together on the commute is a big part of that.

- Kavya, 10th grader

Before Proof School, I had never taken a train anywhere. I was expecting a whistle and the conductor to yell "All aboard!" Even though this doesn't actually happen, I still think the way trains work is cool, which makes riding one really fun!

What I'd really like families to know is that if there ever is a delay, we older kids take care of the younger ones.

- Nandita, 10th grader

When there are delays, parents can count on older students making sure younger students know what is going on and the updated plan. As the oldest sibling of four kids, I really like being part of the community this way, especially with our youngest students.

- JOsh, 11th grader