Our middle school daughter feels more at home at Proof School than she did at any other school. The commute is one long playdate with other Proofniks on the same train. Everyone looks out for each other and our daughter has learned to navigate places outside our secure little suburban community with grace, caution, and confidence.  

SRI S., Proof School Parent

My daughter has always known herself well, but that hasn’t always been appreciated by peers or teachers. At Proof she has friends who value her for who she is and who get excited about the same things that she does. Even better, she is contributing to and even enjoying her language arts and history classes--something I never thought I’d hear myself say! Her teachers speak of “passion and positive energy” and “leadership” and “transformative ideas.” Proof School itself has been transformative for my quiet girl.


When we first looked at Proof School, we were skeptical. We were concerned that our daughter, who was not interested in math competitions, Minecraft, or any of the typical math-nerd activities, might not culturally fit in at Proof School. Trying Proof School was one big gamble. Are we glad we took it! There are many kids (including boys) who don’t fit into any math kid stereotype.

- RAM K., Proof School Parent

When our daughter did her school visit last year as part of the application process, she turned to us at the end of the day and asked if she could come back the next day. We think it says a lot about the school that our daughter, a visiting student for the day, would be so welcomed so fast. At every event since then, we’ve only felt closer to the Proof School community, and so has she. She loves being a Proofnik.

- Cristina A. & Rafael V., PROOF SCHOOL PARENTS