Our weekly schedule is flexible, with longer classes and more open learning opportunities.

The day at Proof School starts at 9:20am and ends at 3:40pm. Our day is timed to public transportation schedules (BART, CalTrain, and the various ferries) to allow for commutes. Students are welcome in the building from 8:30am to 5:00pm. 

Morning courses
Students take four morning courses per block. They meet on alternate mornings (MW or TTH) in class meetings lasting 70 - 90 minutes. This allows students and teachers to explore, learn, and work in a substantive and sustained way, without the typical disruption of resettling into a new classroom every 45 minutes. Combined with Flex Fridays, Build Week projects, academic clubs, and our special speaker series, each morning course meets for an average of 220 minutes per week.

Math afternoons
Entire afternoons are devoted to math. With 11 hours of math per week, students have 66 contact hours in mathematics per block, covering an amount of material equivalent to half a year in a conventional classroom. Our math classes emphasize inquiry with active engagement, and stress conceptual understanding alongside skill mastery. Individual work occurs during class, in the presence of a teacher and peers who make it possible to successfully tackle challenging material.

Flex Fridays
We embrace time for curiosity, extended projects, and explorations that take us beyond our school walls. Half of each Friday is reserved for field trips, maker events, build days, one-on-one student conferences, and open work days. 

Active lunches
Lunch is a key time for us to interact as a community, pursue our particular interests, have fun, and work one-on-one. Twice a week, students participate in clubs during a longer lunch period, and we often devote part of lunch to special workshops or speakers.