Vickie Kearn is Executive Editor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Princeton University Press.


Her primary focus is on publishing the most innovative monographs, textbooks, and books for general readers written by senior scholars as well as the most promising graduate students. She joined the Press in 2001 and prior to that she worked at the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Marcel Dekker, and J. B. Lippincott & Co. Her first publishing job was at Academic Press where she edited math textbooks, wrote solutions manuals, and made sure that all the problems in the books could be worked.

Prior to working in publishing, Vickie taught elementary school and then middle school math for eight years. Inspired by her high school math teacher, Elsie Nunn, her goal has always been to show the joy in math to everyone, no matter what their age and ability, or interest in the subject. She taught in two different inner city schools and quickly learned that there are many ways to learn the same thing. Math is not just something in books, you can learn it by “doing it.” She feels that appreciating the power of math and what it has done and can do for us is really important. It isn’t just a lot of numbers, it is about people and applications and improving everything we care about. Her goal is to find at least one person each day, who either “hates math” or says “it is too hard” and turn them into someone who will have this same goal. 

B.A., University of Richmond