Our 60 students commute over 2000 miles total—each way, every day—to get to Proof School.

This reach across the wider Bay Area shows just how much math kids need Proof School. It also demonstrates that math kids live everywhere and come from many different communities. 

Over 80% of our students live outside San Francisco, and we've designed our school to reflect our geographic reach. We time our school day to all forms of public transportation: Caltrain, BART, MUNI, Transbay Bus, and ferries. We also built a feature on our portal so parents can track their child as she or he boards a train, is met by a chaperone, and enters and leaves school. 

We chaperone students between Proof School and various downtown public transportation hubs: Caltrain at 4th and King, the Powell Street BART and MUNI stop, the Transbay Terminal, and the Ferry Building.  

Students, faculty, staff, and their families collectively log many miles each week to make Proof School a place where all kinds of math kids can have a school designed just for them. 

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