Cynthia Stokes Brown is a founding board member of the International Big History Association.


After teaching tenth grade world history for two years and living in northeast Brazil for two years with the Peace Corps, Dr. Brown directed the single-subject credential program at Dominican from 1982-1992. She taught full-time in both the history and education departments until 2001, when she retired from full-time teaching to write history from the big bang to the present.

Using the term “big history,” coined by David Christian at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, Brown told the whole story from the big bang to the present in simple, non-academic language to convey our common humanity and our connection to every other part of the natural world.

Teaching part-time after 2001, Brown pioneered the teaching of big history at Dominican, where it is now a required course for every incoming freshman.

Her books include Big History: From the Big Bank to the Present, and Connecting with the Past: History Workshop in Middle and High Schools.

M.A.T. and Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University