Here are a few questions families often ask us. 

We are committed to helping every student thrive at Proof School.

We celebrate our common interests, support each other's unique passions, and scaffold growth at every level and in every class.

Q: Do girls at Proof School make deep, lasting friendships?
A: Our school is a close-knit community that is full of friendships, with our girls bringing out the very best in everyone at school. Because our small campus spans middle school and high school, girls across the grade levels are very much like a family. Half of our school day is spent in mixed grade level environments, from lunch and clubs to math classes, which often have kids from three or more grade levels. Our students love working with peers of different ages.


Q: What about the commute?
A: This was one of our biggest questions, too, and it continues to be one of the main questions our new families ask. Proofniks play with each other, talk with each other, and (sometimes) study together on the commute. They see it as an extension of the school day. 


Q: Is my daughter strong enough at math to attend Proof School?
A: Yes! Many of our incoming students come from a standard math program at their former schools. We engage students by stressing cooperative problem solving, small-group work, and communication skills. Girls thrive in this kind of environment, so if your daughter wants to learn, do puzzles, and collaborate, she'll find a home at Proof School.


Q: What if my daughter is really strong in math? Will she be the only one?
A: Girls at Proof School are among our strongest students across the curriculum. There is a community of girls in every class, at every level. The enrollment of girls in our college level math classes reflects the enrollment of girls in our school. (They were also the majority of students who took Advanced Placement tests last year, and they did phenomenally well!) If you know an exceptionally strong girl in math, then we have a home for her.


Q: My daughter also loves other kinds of activities, like reading. What about your other classes?
A: We're really proud to say that Proofniks are avid readers, writers, artists, and coders. They speak a half dozen languages at home and play tennis and volleyball. No one is just a math kid at Proof School, and that's why we've designed our entire curriculum for kids with diverse interests and curious minds. We actively develop the broad interests of our students to turn our school into a real community.