Tatiana Shubin is a professor of Mathematics, San Jose State University, and the director of the San Jose Math Circle.


She joined the faculty of San Jose State University in 1985. In 2006, she won the Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii Section (a.k.a. Golden Section) of the MAA Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics.

Tatiana was born and grew up in the USSR, and as an eighth grader she attended a specialized physics and mathematics boarding school in Siberia. These years were instrumental in kindling her passion for mathematics and convinced her that interaction with working mathematicians can give young students much more than merely a solid training in the subject.

This experience prompted her to co-found San Jose Math Circle and the Bay Area Math Adventures in 1998, and to become one of the leaders of the National Math Circles movement. 

She has translated and edited several books published by the AMS in the MSRI Mathematical Circles Library.

Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara