Austin Shapiro teaches mathematics at Proof School and writes a daily puzzle for students.

Austin was once a math kid with a bit of math teacher in him, but has gradually been transformed into a math teacher with a streak of math kid.

This journey got underway at the Stanford University Math Camp, where Austin spent four summers happily sitting in windowsills teaching kids to solve problems and write proofs.

While earning his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan, Austin learned new tricks from the Inquiry-Based Learning faculty group and applied them in the classroom, eventually designing the curriculum for an intensive summer bridge course for new engineering students.

Since finishing his Ph.D., Austin has taught and designed curriculum for Art of Problem Solving, UC Berkeley, and the Quarry Lane School, where he created the innovative Further Math seminar, a two-year course centered around student research and a collaborative math blog. He is a frequent session leader at the Berkeley Math Circle.

Austin's interests inside and outside math include probability, high-dimensional geometry, literature, design of games and puzzles, cookery, and urban hiking. He believes that math is everywhere and is proud to have been consulted on matters ranging from probabilistic scoring in an online Boggle game to the logistics of a mail-based art jam.

Ph.D., University of Michigan
B.A., UC Berkeley