At Proof School, we intentionally embed SEL skills and values into all of our academic classes.

Students not only learn how to work in a group and make collective decisions but also take time to reflect on the skills they're practicing.

Students learn how to communicate effectively by listening to their peers, appreciating multiple perspectives, disagreeing productively, and working in teams. We help our students direct their curiosity into compassionate group and individual work.

Throughout the year, students reflect in writing on their personal disposition in each of their classes and their goals for the future. One of the main dispositional goals for Proof School students is learning how to “struggle with it” and thrive in the midst of ambiguity. Whether they are stuck on a concept or on the next step in a project, students learn how to feel more comfortable with uncertainty. This also reminds them that learning is not about mastery but rather about the process of discovery and exploration.

Our focus on project-based learning across the curriculum, in which curiosity is the primary impetus for inquiry, further helps students cultivate values such as courage, resilience, and honesty.