At Proof School, laboratory sciences play a central role in each student’s education.

Our goal is for all students to become scientifically literate.

Through our science offerings, students gain proficiency and confidence in the sciences. Exceptionally motivated students have the opportunity for substantial coursework as well as independent research.

Middle school science focuses on a series of studio-based classes.

Our science studio courses focus on hands-on learning, experimenting, and testing.

Courses introduce students to a foundation in physics, chemistry, and biology. The studio classes emphasize deductive reasoning, thoughtful testing of ideas, report writing, and experiment design. 

Proof School's science curriculum plays a pivotal role in other courses as well. Our first-year art curriculum focuses on materials and engineering, and our introduction to Python gives students the foundational skills to enter fields like computational biology and chemistry. Our high school digital humanities courses build upon students' programming foundation.

High school courses spiral back through the foundational sciences. 

By the time students reach high school age, they are ready to devote entire years to deep study of particular subjects. 

We teach physics in 9th grade, chemistry in 10th grade, and biology in 12th grade. This order may seem unconventional, but it is actually the natural progression of these subjects.

Students who wish to pursue science further have several possible avenues open to them. We plan to offer electives based on student interest and faculty expertise, such as computational chemistry, quantum mechanics, or special relativity.