Jade, 12th grader

"I see myself as Proof School's big sister."

I’m the big sister in part because I’m the oldest student at Proof School and because I have a little brother at Proof, but it's also because I want everyone to be part of the school. I want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves, whether that's asking questions in class or playing pickleball at lunch. 

When I applied, one concern I had was making friends. I just didn’t know how social the other kids would be, but I also had no idea just how social learning could be. It’s part of our school culture to make sure everyone feels they’re a part of something special. And at Proof School, it’s not hard to feel like we’re all part of something special.


"I pretty much work with others in class all the time."

I was homeschooled for five years, and I was mostly working on my own. I liked that I could go at my own pace, especially in math, with nothing really holding me back. Proof School is a lot like that. I can learn at my own pace, but I get to do it with a bunch of other people.  

In my classes, the math is harder than what I had done when I was homeschooled. I really like the challenge. I like the sense of accomplishment you get when you solve a hard problem, and the classes help build us up to meet the challenges with smaller steps. We do it all together, and it’s what makes the community work.


"I see girls thriving at Proof School." 

Before coming to Proof School, I didn’t do a whole lot of math. I never took advanced math courses or participated in math competitions. I did enjoy math--I went to a math circle for a year, did a little bit of Khan Academy, and solved puzzles given to me by my math-enthusiast-relatives. Ever since I came to Proof School, I’ve learned so much more math. Proof School has given me a platform without limits to exercise my creativity and imagination.