We embrace learning across the curriculum.  

Our students come to Proof School as math kids. Where they go, and who they become, is discovered each year, in secondary school and beyond.

We are a school for kids who excel in many, if not all, subjects. We want our students to deepen as thinkers and become eager, capable learners. We aim for our graduates to lead in the world as analytical, literate, compassionate citizens. 

All students across all years study foundational subjects in ways that are both intellectual and hands-on. Courses at Proof School focus on the tools of project- and inquiry-based learning. We infuse our courses with distinctive emphases: reading & writing, speaking & listening, making & doing, and experimenting & practicing. We learn, collaborate, share, and serve each other at school and in our broader community.

The middle school years are designed for discovery.

Grades 6-8 feature rich discovery courses in foundational subjects: math, literature, history, science, programming, and the arts.

We spiral through them year-by-year, engaging more complex ideas and material, and becoming more confident as we go. These grade levels also cycle through additional subjects that are relevant to our school and to our students, with emphases on personal development and multimodal communication.

During the middle school years, many subjects are combined, giving students a dynamic, interconnected, and multidisciplinary perspective on learning.

High school courses are geared toward deep exploration.

Courses across the curriculum begin at the advanced high school and college levels.

Students take a wide swath of courses with the aim of having our students graduate as informed, global citizens. These courses ensure a solid liberal arts education for every student and help students remain open to discovering new interests.

Students take 5 math classes each year. Beyond math, students complete four years of English; two years each of history, science, and a language other than English; and one year of arts. Writing and presenting across the curriculum is an essential part of all course offerings. Collectively, these courses provide students with a liberal arts foundation to excel in college.

We deliberately keep our course requirement low. By not over-subscribing our students with additional requirements, students are able pursue individual interests with electives, directed research courses, and a senior capstone project.

Course descriptions

Our courses balance inspiration with transferable skills. Read an index of our courses here.