Block 4: A look inside our teaching and learning.

Expect to read the entire gamut of classroom activity, from "big picture" overviews to detailed reflections on one day's work. Posts are authored by faculty.

February Build Week: Orienteering

We took learning outside the classroom.

February Build Week: The Art of M. C. Escher

We dug into the math behind the art of M. C. Escher.

Building a Hovercraft

Shear forces and failures helped us understand the physics behind a hovercraft.

Big History

One animating question for this class is whether we should—or even can—break free of the anthropocentric view of history.

Algebra 1b

We use games and codes to make the practice of solving problems incredibly fun.

Language Arts 1

We're learning to struggle with Shakespeare and fall in love with language. 

Mathematical Laboratory

We're growing as expository writers as we explore elegant mathematical topics.

Maker Studio

We're expanding our repertoire of maker skills while developing as resourceful learners.


Our study of gravity ranges from slinkies to black holes to sandwich throwing.


Our study of language raises questions about culture, class, and identity.

Literature 1

Students in Literature 1 are discovering their ideas matter.

Language Arts 2

In Language Arts, we're exploring the question, "Who are you—what makes you you?"


We're developing our ability to turn ideas into reality by pursuing increasingly ambitious projects.

Math Burst 2016, Part 1

Our annual math burst gives students an extended experience with open-ended mathematical discovery.

Exponentials, Logs, and Trig

We're exploring functions and laying the foundation for future study.

Big History Science

Students are turning ideas into reality through projects in Big History Science.

Math Burst 2016, Part 2

After a week of mathematical exploration, we turned our attention to communicating our ideas.

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