• San Jose State University (map)
  • Yoshiro Uchida Hall, Room 124

From the Bay Area Mathematical Adventures website:

"The Power of Cooperation. To improve, compete. To improve exponentially, cooperate. As time permits, examples will be given of “puzzles” in which a team can do surprisingly well by choosing a suitable collective strategy. Although expressed in the form of brainteasers, the underlying mathematical ideas have their origins in computer science, engineering, and mathematics. At least one of the examples is open (no one has been able to solve it!).

Joe Buhler is currently the Director of Center for Communications Research in La Jolla, California. His Ph.D. is from Harvard, and he has also worked at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, as well as doing consulting in software and signal processing. He loves to juggle."

For more information, see the event poster.