• SF State (map)
  • 1600 Holloway Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA

Hosted by the San Francisco Math Circle. From their event website:

"We love math in all dimensions! For our 2016 Annual Fundraiser, we are presenting some of our favorite mathematics in 3D! Math nerds will unite over games, activities, movies, and tasty treats. 

Why come? 

This will be a fun-filled family event. Let your kid(s) show you some of our favorite 3D math activities.  We will have Zome tool activities (the kids love them), 3D Blokus, 3D Set, and many math activities that encourage 3D thinking!  The math activities will be designed for 2nd-8th graders. We will have tasty treats, raffle prizes, and movie screenings of Flatland and Sphereland! 

Why support our fundraiser/fund drive?

The SF Math Circle is a small not-for-profit organization helping students fall in love with math! We do everything we can to make our program accessible to families of all incomes. Your support helps us continue to make a big impact! 


12:00pm Doors open

12:00pm-3:00pm Math activity and game room open (+silent auction and raffle)

12:30-1:00pm Flatland screening

1:30-2:00pm Sphereland screening (the sequel to Flatland)

2:30pm Raffle tickets drawn, silent auctions end

Join us for a fun day of math activities, fun raffle prizes, silent auctions, and math friends!"

For more information, see the SF Math Circle website.