• Daly Science 207, Santa Clara University (map)

From the BAMA website:

"For thousands of years, people have wanted to communicate secretly, for reasons of war, finances and love. Until recently, finding a way to communicate in secret involved getting together ahead of time and agreeing on a secret key for the code they would use. If you want to encrypt your credit card number for Amazon, then visiting their headquarters and agreeing on a secret key ahead of time is impractical. In 1975, Diffie and Hellman at Stanford found a way to safely encrypt information for someone you have never met. In this talk, we will explain how.

Ed Schaefer is currently chair of the Department of Math & CS at Santa Clara University, despite starting his academic career in psycholinguistics. Most of his research is in arithmetic geometry, which uses geometry to solve problems about numbers. He is known for mentoring other LGBT members of the campus community and for the two years he spent in Malawi creating the cryptography component of a graduate program in information security."

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