Proof School offers a transformative liberal arts education to young people with an active curiosity and a passion for mathematics, equipping them to reason, communicate, and positively impact their world.

Our mission reflects how deeply we believe that every student needs to engage enthusiastically with a range of core subjects. Our goal is to help build a broad foundation for learning inside our classrooms and outside of our school. We've designed a curriculum that speaks to kids who love to think critically, learn socially, and solve problems. 


These six premises guide how we carry out the school's mission.

  1. Proof School is a full-fledged secondary school for kids who love math.
  2. Don't waste time and do travel light.
  3. Math is not only an intellectual pursuit but also a highly social endeavor.
  4. Learning requires deliberate, joyful effort and full engagement with the physical world.
  5. Intelligence is an attribute, not a virtue. Kindness and curiosity are virtues.
  6. Proof School is more than a school—it is a community that builds and nurtures a culture.

Community principles

Our core principles establish expectations of all Proof School students, faculty, staff, and families.

  1. Proofniks look out for each other.
  2. Proofniks think before they act—and after.
  3. Proofniks seek out new ideas and challenges.
  4. Proofniks do not jaywalk.