Afternoons at Proof School are devoted to the mathematical sciences.

Students study a single subject in depth for six weeks (one block) at a time, for a total of five subjects per year.

With two hours in class each afternoon, teachers have 60 contact hours with students per block, covering an amount of material comparable to half a year in a conventional classroom.

Imagine covering content from five different college level math and computer science courses during one year of high school. Some of our students are already doing just that. At the same time, Proof School offers a wide range of courses to inspire and instruct every student who loves math, regardless of their prior background.

As students progress and are assessed for mastery, topics become increasingly sophisticated and diverse, ensuring both a strong foundation and opportunities for specialization. Spiral learning reinforces the interwoven nature of the mathematical sciences.

Advising prior to each block and frequent teacher-student interaction ensures that students are placed into suitable courses that match their potential. Instructors design and customize elective courses for students who have completed all core offerings.

Courses are highly experiential, with students actively exploring, conjecturing, communicating, and proving.