Our math courses emphasize problem solving, proof writing, and content mastery.

Students receive a comprehensive education across the major fields of mathematics, taught by faculty who hold PhDs and teaching awards.

Each block is dedicated to two branches of the mathematical sciences. These include Problem Solving & Discrete Math; Algebra & Number Systems; Geometry & Topology; Statistics & Analysis; and Number Theory & Computer Science. 

The range of course levels within each block meets every student, regardless of their background or preparation. Our courses in Block 2, for instance, begin with Algebra 1 and progress to college level Linear Algebra or Group Theory. Prior to each block, we advise students on selecting an appropriate math course.

We host workshops led by nationally renowned speakers, sponsor a school-wide AI tournament in the fall, and devote two weeks to student research and presentations at our math symposium. The annual math festival allows students to share their love of math with a wider community.

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