John DeIonno is excited to bring his experience in pure and applied mathematics to Proof School.

John has long had a passion for teaching. He taught several community college math courses before returning for graduate school and receiving a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley.

He continued teaching in Berkeley as a teaching assistant, where he aimed to incentivize and guide collaborative learning, earning him an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award. This experience culminated in spending three summers teaching multivariable calculus at Berkeley from his own course notes that replaced many isolated techniques with more general problem-solving tools that have a wider range of applications, and received very positive reviews by students. Most recently, he worked as a software engineer at Google, applying machine learning techniques to problems in text understanding.

John’s technical interests include mathematical modeling, analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations, and algorithms. Outside of mathematics, he enjoys backpacking, swing dancing, and playing and making board games.

Ph.D., UC Berkeley
M.A. / B.S., UCLA