Block 3: A look inside our teaching and learning.

Expect to read the entire gamut of classroom activity, from "big picture" overviews to detailed reflections on one day's work. Posts are authored by faculty.

Advanced Euclidean Geometry

We engage course material in a wide variety of classroom formats, giving texture to the learning experience.

Language Arts 1

We are reading literature slowly, deliberately, and deeply, while developing our social-emotional learning.

Maker Studio

Polyhedra, fractals, and tessellations are all a part of Maker Studio.

Literature 1

In Literature 1, students are writing their own prompts, syllabi, and goals. It’s how they are realizing their education is theirs.

Latin 1

Students are taking the lead on learning. 

Intermediate Python

Students are designing their own 2D array projects.

Language Arts 2

Students are mapping arguments, identifying assumptions, and learning to counter-argue.

Fundamentals of Geometry

Students explore the neighborhood while solving geometric problems. 

Introductory Python

Learning standard algorithms allows students to investigate the quirks of the English language.


We're learning science through experimentation. 

Aspects of Geometry

We expanded our definition of geometry to encompass the geometry of a sphere and of negatively curved surfaces.

Elements of Geometry

Students study Euclid and learn to question assumptions.

Block 2

"In the classroom" posts.

Block 1

"In the classroom" posts.