Block 2: A look inside our teaching and learning.

Expect to read the entire gamut of classroom activity, from "big picture" overviews to detailed reflections on one day's work. Posts are authored by faculty.

Community, Compassion, and Kindness

An introduction to our Block 2 theme, which puts social and emotional learning into practice.

Math Overview

In Block 2, we turn our mathematical attention to algebra.

Introductory Python

We're writing code and making art.

Language Arts 1

We're focusing on collaboration, and our school library is the byproduct.

Ideals and Varieties

In this math class, we emphasize the geometry behind algebraic symbols.

Algebra 1

At Proof School, we communicate the value of the fundamentals.

Number Systems

Students are learning that limits are set by one's creativity, not by "the way things are."

Big History: Science

Students compared world views ranging from Aristotle to Hubble.

Build Week 2

For our mid-December activities, we focused on community, kindness, and service.

Block 1

"In the classroom" posts.