A look inside our teaching and learning.

Expect to read the entire gamut of classroom activity, from "big picture" overviews to detailed reflections on one day's work. Posts are authored by faculty.


Problem Solving I

We make use of the entire classroom to engage learning.

Maker Studio 1

Tinkering and experimenting underscore deep learning.

Graph Algorithms

We emphasize communication and writing, even in math.


Our lab lets us base individual learning on shared interests.

Staging Literature

We discuss literature to understand others.

Big History (High School)

To answer big questions, we need to know how to ask them.

Big History: Science

Our middle school science program capitalizes on the school's spaces to perform experiments.

Intermediate Python

We use code to make and build things, including art.

Literature 1

The meaning of literature is palpable, quite literally.

Latin 1

In Latin, students bring an ancient language to life through collaborative learning and historical engagement.

Build Week

On taking risks and taking advantage of opportunity.