Sachi Hashimoto teaches math and writes crosswords for Proof's cryptics club.

Sachi is a math Ph.D. student who studies algebraic geometry. She is taking time off from graduate school to help launch Proof School.

Sachi has a long-standing interest in mathematics education. In college, she was involved in organizing and teaching for the Splash program at the University of Chicago and at MIT, which provides weekend and evening enrichment to local students.

For many summers now, Sachi has been working as an instructor and counselor at Canada/USA Mathcamp. Her experiences there, as staff and as a camper, have shaped her vision of how to build communities of math kids. At Mathcamp, Sachi has taught a range of courses, from graduate level analytic number theory to fun applications of calculus. Summers at Mathcamp give her a chance to learn and synthesize a new topic into its core ideas for an appreciative environment, in much the same way that the school year at Proof does.

In addition to teaching math classes, Sachi enjoys running art and tinkering projects with students. She has facilitated the building of inflatable rooms and scribbling robots, supervised arduino projects, taught salsa dancing, and written and solved many crosswords.

B.A., University of Chicago