We are a school where kids who love math feel right at home.

We actively seek students, families, and supporters who, like us, want to build a community, grow gracefully, and collaborate meaningfully.

We opened our doors in 2015 to an inaugural group of 44 students in downtown San Francisco. We began with an eye toward growth, inventing new classes and designing classrooms that are flexible and open. We regularly develop new approaches to learning foundational topics.

We’re continuing that approach in year three, with 78 students in grades 6-12 calling us home. Our school is small, and our youngest students often work (and play) with our oldest students. We host math events to engage the wider math community in the Bay Area. 

The entire school community tends to be deliberate yet unafraid. We mentor students to be thoughtful risk takers.

See who works to make the classroom experience, and the entire school culture, engaging and transformative for each student. Our school life and community engagement help take learning outside of the classroom.