Steve Gregg develops and teaches computer science courses at Proof School in Python and Java programming languages.

After spending two years in the mathematics Ph.D. program at UC Berkeley, Steve realized that his true career calling was in teaching.

He transferred to UC Davis, earned an M.A.T. degree, and launched into 32 years of teaching math and computer science at the Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA. Although Steve truly enjoyed working with the students at Head-Royce, he could not resist the opportunity to be a founding teacher at Proof School.

At Head-Royce, Steve designed and taught the following courses: Introduction to Computer Science in Python, AP Computer Science (originally in C++, then in Java), Data Structures, and Advanced Topics in Computer Science.  Steve has been a regular participant in the AP Computer Science reading, where he has gained valuable insights into the skills and abilities that colleges are currently looking for in their computer science students.

Steve is a nationally ranked orienteer, a competitive sport involving off-trail running with a detailed topographic map and a compass. He hopes to someday send a Proof School orienteering team off to battle at a local orienteering event.

M.A.T., UC Davis
B.A., Kansas State University