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Girls at Proof School


Girls at Proof School


Simply put, girls are among our strongest students.

Our school is designed for kids who love math, and our curriculum is designed to foster cooperation and community.

Girls come to school each day smiling and excited to greet their friends and teachers.  

Girls thrive at Proof School because the school supports the full gamut of what they love, from math and literature to exploring and making together. We offer a collaborative community that nurtures deep thinkers and a curriculum that challenges students to strive for goals they can only reach by relying on each other. 

Our small community works together inside and outside the classroom. Each year, the students form small groups to tackle open ended problems during a week-long Math Burst. During Build Weeks, we engage all students in team-based challenges, such as making a life-sized inflatable elephant.

Classes have worked together to write a textbook chapter on the transatlantic slave trade, build an interactive timeline of the history of the Library of Congress, and provide peer feedback during writing workshops. Because Proofniks work so much together, they achieve big results.


Student profiles

Student profiles


Jade, 12th grader

"I see myself as Proof School's big sister."

I’m the big sister in part because I’m the oldest student at Proof School and because I have a little brother at Proof, but it's also because I want everyone to be part of the school. I want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves, whether that's asking questions in class or playing pickleball at lunch. 

When I applied, one concern I had was making friends. I just didn’t know how social the other kids would be, but I also had no idea just how social learning could be. It’s part of our school culture to make sure everyone feels they’re a part of something special. And at Proof School, it’s not hard to feel like we’re all part of something special.


"I pretty much work with others in class all the time."

I was homeschooled for five years, and I was mostly working on my own. I liked that I could go at my own pace, especially in math, with nothing really holding me back. Proof School is a lot like that. I can learn at my own pace, but I get to do it with a bunch of other people.  

In my classes, the math is harder than what I had done when I was homeschooled. I really like the challenge. I like the sense of accomplishment you get when you solve a hard problem, and the classes help build us up to meet the challenges with smaller steps. We do it all together, and it’s what makes the community work.


"I see girls thriving at Proof School." 

Before coming to Proof School, I didn’t do a whole lot of math. I never took advanced math courses or participated in math competitions. I did enjoy math--I went to a math circle for a year, did a little bit of Khan Academy, and solved puzzles given to me by my math-enthusiast-relatives. Ever since I came to Proof School, I’ve learned so much more math. Proof School has given me a platform without limits to exercise my creativity and imagination.

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What students say

What students say


I love coming to Proof School every day. It's great how everyone here is energetic and easy to talk to. I really enjoy going to Proof because, even though I have learned so much math while here, I have also learned so much about art, history, literature, and more.

-Sophia, 10th GradeR

Proof School is one of the best places for girls out there! At my old school, I had great friends, but kids seemed to judge each other for simple things like what they wore and who they talked to. At Proof School, kids aren't like that. We're each different but we all have something in common: a love for math. Honestly, that's enough to weave us together and form beautiful friendships.

-Aditi, 8th grader

The community here at Proof School is open and inviting. Boys and girls from different grades and classes are mixed together as one large community. The girls are really nice, and they've been more than willing to befriend all of us new students this year.

-Zoe, 8th grader

I love the community at Proof School because everyone is kind to each other. I am also very happy I came here because every day I am being challenged, and not only in mathematics.

-Lili, 11th grader


What parents say

What parents say


Our middle school daughter feels more at home at Proof School than she did at any other school. The commute is one long playdate with other Proofniks on the same train. Everyone looks out for each other and our daughter has learned to navigate places outside our secure little suburban community with grace, caution, and confidence.  

SRI S., Proof School Parent

My daughter has always known herself well, but that hasn’t always been appreciated by peers or teachers. At Proof she has friends who value her for who she is and who get excited about the same things that she does. Even better, she is contributing to and even enjoying her language arts and history classes--something I never thought I’d hear myself say! Her teachers speak of “passion and positive energy” and “leadership” and “transformative ideas.” Proof School itself has been transformative for my quiet girl.


When we first looked at Proof School, we were skeptical. We were concerned that our daughter, who was not interested in math competitions, Minecraft, or any of the typical math-nerd activities, might not culturally fit in at Proof School. Trying Proof School was one big gamble. Are we glad we took it! There are many kids (including boys) who don’t fit into any math kid stereotype.

- RAM K., Proof School Parent

When our daughter did her school visit last year as part of the application process, she turned to us at the end of the day and asked if she could come back the next day. We think it says a lot about the school that our daughter, a visiting student for the day, would be so welcomed so fast. At every event since then, we’ve only felt closer to the Proof School community, and so has she. She loves being a Proofnik.

- Cristina A. & Rafael V., PROOF SCHOOL PARENTS





Here are a few questions families often ask us. 

We are committed to helping every student thrive at Proof School.

We celebrate our common interests, support each other's unique passions, and scaffold growth at every level and in every class.

Q: Do girls at Proof School make deep, lasting friendships?
A: Our school is a close-knit community that is full of friendships, with our girls bringing out the very best in everyone at school. Because our small campus spans middle school and high school, girls across the grade levels are very much like a family. Half of our school day is spent in mixed grade level environments, from lunch and clubs to math classes, which often have kids from three or more grade levels. Our students love working with peers of different ages.


Q: What about the commute?
A: This was one of our biggest questions, too, and it continues to be one of the main questions our new families ask. Proofniks play with each other, talk with each other, and (sometimes) study together on the commute. They see it as an extension of the school day. 


Q: Is my daughter strong enough at math to attend Proof School?
A: Yes! Many of our incoming students come from a standard math program at their former schools. We engage students by stressing cooperative problem solving, small-group work, and communication skills. Girls thrive in this kind of environment, so if your daughter wants to learn, do puzzles, and collaborate, she'll find a home at Proof School.


Q: What if my daughter is really strong in math? Will she be the only one?
A: Girls at Proof School are among our strongest students across the curriculum. There is a community of girls in every class, at every level. The enrollment of girls in our college level math classes reflects the enrollment of girls in our school. (They were also the majority of students who took Advanced Placement tests last year, and they did phenomenally well!) If you know an exceptionally strong girl in math, then we have a home for her.


Q: My daughter also loves other kinds of activities, like reading. What about your other classes?
A: We're really proud to say that Proofniks are avid readers, writers, artists, and coders. They speak a half dozen languages at home and play tennis and volleyball. No one is just a math kid at Proof School, and that's why we've designed our entire curriculum for kids with diverse interests and curious minds. We actively develop the broad interests of our students to turn our school into a real community.