Simply put, girls are among our strongest students.

Our school is designed for kids who love math, and our curriculum is designed to foster cooperation and community.

Girls come to school each day smiling and excited to greet their friends and teachers.  

Girls thrive at Proof School because the school supports the full gamut of what they love, from math and literature to exploring and making together. We offer a collaborative community that nurtures deep thinkers and a curriculum that challenges students to strive for goals they can only reach by relying on each other. 

Our small community works together inside and outside the classroom. Each year, the students form small groups to tackle open ended problems during a week-long Math Burst. During Build Weeks, we engage all students in team-based challenges, such as making a life-sized inflatable elephant.

Classes have worked together to write a textbook chapter on the transatlantic slave trade, build an interactive timeline of the history of the Library of Congress, and provide peer feedback during writing workshops. Because Proofniks work so much together, they achieve big results.