Here are the questions prospective families tend to ask.

In our experience, the underlying questions families have about the commute get answered by their child's experience of it. 

Our kids have lots of fun on their commutes, and it quickly becomes a routine for families. 

Q: What is the chaperoning plan for the 2017-2018 school year?
A: In the morning, we'll pick up kids at three transportation hubs: the Transbay Bus Terminal, Powell Street for BART/MUNI, and the Ferry Building. In the afternoon, we will take kids to the Ferry Building, Powell Street BART/MUNI, and Caltrain at 4th and King.


Q: How do kids from the South Bay typically get to school in the morning?
A: Most of our kids transfer to BART at Millbrae, and then ride to Powell Street, the nearest public transportation station to Proof School. Some kids ride all the way into 4th and King, and then either walk up to school or share a cab together.


Q: How do kids spend their commute?
A: We recently polled students, and by far the most popular response was having fun with their friends. They see it as a playdate, and after a couple of weeks, they can't imagine not having that time together.

Proofniks are also avid readers and programmers on their commutes, and during certain points of the block, they're known to study together for an upcoming quiz.


Q: How safe is the trip? 
A: Proofniks tend to stay together, and traveling in groups allows them to look out for one another. In a real sign of community, our older kids proactively take care of the younger ones.

Because we're in a city, we teach personal safety and situational awareness at the start of each year, and we revisit these topics throughout the year. In short, the commutes are safe.