We’re pushing the boundaries of what a secondary school student can accomplish. 

We don't over-schedule students. Instead, we keep them focused on foundational ways of doing and thinking, like writing, presenting, experimenting, and building. 

We see UC a-g subject requirements as minimums, not impositions, and this allows us to give each student, starting their sophomore year, a variety of electives and directed research tutorials, including a senior capstone project.

Electives give students a chance to jump into specific topics of interest. We give students as many options as possible to spiral back through a foundational course, to form a small-group seminar based on shared interests, or to create a tutorial under the direction of our faculty.

Directed research
Directed research projects focus on independent research, writing, and presenting. Each directed research class is a year-long inquiry into a specific field; syllabi are authored by students and guided by faculty and community advisors. All directed research courses capitalize on our students' interests, their growing independence, and the mentorship of our team of faculty and advisors.

Senior capstone
In their final year, students focus an entire course on a senior capstone project that results in significant contribution to a community or to a body of literature. Students consult with a range of experts and give final, culminating presentations. The senior capstone project is a centerpiece to any student’s portfolio of work and achievement at Proof School.