Our space at 973 Mission Street inspires endless possibilities. Here's what we're telling our architects. 


Our campus needs to be as versatile as our students. We will have a large activity space, light wells, and glass-enclosed classrooms.

To make our ideas become a reality, we've drafted the following design principles:

  1. Students. Our physical space reflects our belief that students come first, and it's designed for the way they learn, play, and interact.
  2. Mission and axioms. From traveling light to learning in a social environment, our space enables us to fulfill our mission and axioms on a daily basis.
  3. Flexibility. Each space serves multiple functions, classes, and learning principles. We embrace active and collaborative learning, with ample breakout and work spaces. Beyond the school day, our space is designed for public talks, workshops, and festivals.
  4. Growth. We will be growing for the foreseeable future; our design is informed by who we are today and where we're going tomorrow.