Programming taps into the constructive mindset of math kids.

Becoming adept at coding gives us the power to bring ideas to life.

By creating digital images, instructing machines to play games, teaching robots to accomplish tasks, testing conjectures electronically, or writing code to gather and analyze data, kids immersed in computer science create new possibilities to learn. That’s why CS is a central feature in our curriculum at Proof School.

Of course, numerical investigation has a place in the math classroom, so we incorporate calculators and mathematical software into our courses in an appropriate manner. But beyond this we give every middle school student a solid grounding in programming, built right into and right across our morning classes.

To reinforce this foundation, we pair programming with other subjects at different points of the school day and in varied settings to apply new skills.

Kids who hanker for computer science find ample opportunities to roll up their sleeves at Proof School. Each year, we host a school-wide AI competition. Students may choose to take courses such as app design, artificial intelligence, or data mining during Block 5 almost every year. We meet students’ interests and abilities—even (and especially) when they extend far beyond typical high school fare. 

Finally, students are also able to pursue their CS interests during club time, electives, projects, math bursts focused on research, and directed research. In short, there is far more CS available for kids at Proof School than just about any other secondary school.