We make the destination and the journey worth it.

We've designed thoughtful ways to make the commute possible: timing the school day to major public transportation schedules, having faculty chaperone kids, and creating a school portal that tracks your child's trip.  

With these systems in place, the commute becomes routine for parents and fun for kids after just a couple of weeks.

We offer unique educational opportunities across the curriculum, where friendships are deep, the city is an extension of the classroom, and the community encompasses the entire Bay Area, including San Jose, Berkeley, Marin, and all points in between.

A large part of our success is owed to the simple fact that kids and families are choosing to be here. This is true even for our faculty and staff, who also make the commute. We've chosen Proof School as well.

Traveling together builds relationships, teaches us to look out for one another, even gives us opportunities to problem-solve. In short, the trip adds a unique and positive dimension to our experience as a community.