Clubs are a highlight of each week for students and faculty alike, providing a scheduled time to dive into interests that extend beyond our academic curriculum.

Each block, students sign up for a Monday club and a Thursday club. Clubs take place during an extended lunch period on those days.

Here's this block's list of club offerings.


Cooking with Eve
In Cooking Club, we make delicious treats in our Proof School kitchen. We experiment with crepes, chocolate truffles, breakfast favorites, fresh salsa and guacamole, and other sweet and savory snacks. Students are welcome to contribute recipes and menu suggestions.

Puzzle Laboratory with Dr. Shapiro and Sachi 
In this club, we solve a wide variety of classic puzzles, then deconstruct them and design our own.

Current Events with Ilyse
Come find out about and discuss the latest developments in the tech world, how your favorite sports team is doing, the details of that incredible weather event, and the most interesting political news. In the Current Events Club, we share information and talk about what's happening in our community and the world.

Origami with Mr. Basu and Kathy
If you ever wondered about how simple and complex origami creatures are folded, come and find out the joys of valley and mountain folds, the trickiness of reverse folds, and all that goes into making origami into an art form. Start with a square piece of paper, take away the glue stick and the scissors, and all you have left is your imagination!

Wanderlust with Zachary
Each week we get away from the echo chamber of our campus and venture to a nearby square or park. Expect to hear random acts of poetry, read impromptu bits of history, and experience some productive unscheduled time. You are encouraged to bring a book, a sketch pad, or a philosophical question you'd like to throw into the air. Snacks may well make an appearance.


Coding with Mr. Gregg
Coding Club is free-form this block, and anyone who wants to write code for an extra hour a week at Proof School is welcome. Some students may participate in competitive coding on sites such as CodeFights, while other students may work on class projects or projects of their own design. I particularly welcome students who were in 8th grade last year and are sad that they do not have a year-long coding class anymore!

Improv + Drama with Ms. Cochran
Come be spontaneous, creative, and wacky! We improvise dramatic scenes together and play fun games with movement and voice.

Crazy Sports with Zachary
Imagine trick bowling, keeping 100 balloons in the air, indoor basketball, and an obstacle course. If you like making movies, join our club and be our videographer. We may just put your video on the Proof School website!

Outdoor Art with Kathy
We do all sorts of art that can't (or shouldn't!) be done indoors: blowing giant bubbles, painting with a pendulum, printing T-shirts with sun-sensitive ink, and more.

Information Strategy Games with John
Play games such as Resistance and Mafia. These are games where players are given secret identities, and you try to figure out who’s who based on both in-game clues and how the other players act.

Shooting Pool with the Head of School
Learn the mathematical way to line up your shot, discover what it means to put english on the ball, and try out a variety of pool games with Dr. V. All skill levels welcome, but at least some experience playing pool in the past would be good.

Pokemon Go with Sachi and Doc Durst
We explore nearby neighborhoods by visiting pokestops of interesting monuments, art, and parks. Of course, along the way we search for new pokemon to collect.