In the Classroom: Latin 1

In Latin 1 students are driving their own learning: they have created review activities, moderated class discussions, and formulated questions about the passages of Latin literature and history that we've read. Read more.

In the Classroom: Literature 2

In Literature 2 students are working collaboratively to explore digital forms of writing, such as blogs and social media, and to analyze how these textual forms are able to engage with content in ways quite different from the literary, print texts we’ve read so far this year. Read more.

In the Classroom: Chemistry

In Chemistry, students are discovering the relationships and rules of equilibrium through data analysis and mathematical derivations, rather than textbook readings and lectures. Read more.

In the Classroom: Light and Electricity Studio

Stare at a bright source of light behind a star-shaped cutout on a piece of cardboard for a minute in a dimly lit room. Now turn on the room lights and look at your hand … and then look at the wall. What happens to that dark star? Read more.

In the Classroom: Topology

In Topology, students are exploring a strange, beautiful world in which we consider the shape of space without the notions of distances and angles. Read more.

Math Courses, Block 3

The middle block of mathematics at Proof School features an enticing variety of geometry and analysis courses. Read more.

In the Classroom: World History

Ninth graders are studying the Holocaust by examining the relationship between history and memory, studying the chronology of the Holocaust with deeper study of a few key events, analyzing literature, and grappling with difficult questions together. Read more.

In the Classroom: Literature 2

In Literature 2, students are learning to engage with different view points in their writing by putting other scholars’ ideas into conversation with their own. Read more.