Math Courses, Block 5

During the final portion of the year we turn our attention to number theory and other topics during the afternoons. Read more.

In the Classroom: Physics

Wind a string around a yo-yo a couple of times. Holding the string horizontally, give it a gentle tug. Does the yo-yo roll away from you or towards you? Is it what you expected? Contrast this with holding the string vertically. What happens now? Read more.

In the Classroom: Chemistry

In Chemistry this block, we have been studying physical chemistry through a combination of interactive lecture/discussion and problem solving. Read more.

In the Classroom: Algebra 1b

Algebra 1b continues our two block Algebra 1 sequence, building fundamental skills that our youngest students need to succeed in more advanced math classes. Read more.

In the Classroom: Light and Electricity Studio

Relax your eyes and focus on a faraway object, like a light fixture on a wall. Holding your arms straight out towards the fixture, point your forefingers towards each other and slowly bring them together, while still staying focused on the distant object. Oops! Did you just dismember your fingers and created a floating sausage? Read more.

In the Classroom: Integral Calculus

Last block in Differential Calculus, Proofniks learned how to take a snapshot of how a function is changing at a given point. Now, in Integral Calculus, they are learning how to reassemble those snapshots into a view of the whole. Read more.

In the Classroom: The Trojan Women Play

The Block 3 Build Week provided a rare and exciting opportunity for the middle school history students to prepare a full-fledged stage production of Euripides’ The Trojan Women. Read more.

In the Classroom: Physics

Sit on a rotating stool and stretch your legs out. Push off a table and get yourself rotating. Now pull your legs in. Why do you speed up? Now stretch your legs out again; what happens? Read more.