Block 5: A look inside our teaching and learning.

Expect to read the entire gamut of classroom activity, from "big picture" overviews to detailed reflections on one day's work. Posts are authored by faculty.

Language Arts 1

In Language Arts 1, we're examining literal and metaphorical keystones.

Introduction to Python

By popular demand, we're spending our final block on object-oriented programming.

Introduction to Number Theory

In Number Theory, we're hunting for treasure, honing our proof-writing skills, and discovering mathematical delights.

Discrete Probability

Time is flying by as we investigate the mathematics of chance.

Intermediate Python

To get a taste of functional programming, we took a quick dive into Racket, a modern dialect of Lisp.

Multiplicative Number Theory

Students are building number theory from the definitions, discovering some "OP" results along the way.

Math Festival

Our first annual math festival gave Proofniks a chance to share their love of math with the broader community.

Language Arts 2

In Language Arts, we're considering the question of why the humanities are important in our lives.

Juggling Club

Student are putting Proof School's high ceilings to good use.

Interning at Proof School

Mentoring interns is part of Proof School's commitment to serving the broader community.


In Physics, we're exploring electromagnetism through experiments, simulations, and problems.


In Latin, we're synthesizing our learning through magic spells, historical orations, literature analysis, and board game creation.

Data Structures

Advanced computer science students studied data structures this block, tackling a broad range of coding projects.

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