Kaushik Basu develops and teaches science courses at Proof School.

Kaushik enjoys blending hands-on fun with serious scientific discourse, viewed from within a historical context. 

He strongly believes that science should be learned as a process of discovery, guesswork, intuition, and insight—not necessarily in that order.

During summers, Kaushik teaches accelerated math and physics courses to motivated students at the Academic Talent Development Program at UC Berkeley. At ATDP, he pioneered a new physics course, where he approaches Newtonian mechanics by molding everyday objects into toys and digging into their behavior. He believes it is vital for students to throw things in class so they can trace parabolic paths by piggybacking LEDs.

Kaushik also developed an afterschool program at the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda, teaching probability, mechanics, and electronics while tying in history and the nebulous laws surrounding pinball in recent times. He has been a regular speaker at the Marin Math Circle. Kaushik also organizes the Family Math and Science event at Marin Elementary in Albany, and he has received recognition from the city for his volunteer efforts.

Kaushik has a background in Physics and Electrical Engineering, and he has gravitated towards teaching after stints in research, science journalism, internet engineering, and bringing up his two young children. Strictly speaking, he doesn’t consider the last to be a stint at all.

When not pondering how to inspire himself and his students with interesting physical problems, he is embodying and simultaneously defying fluid dynamics by learning how to swim Butterfly effortlessly. He is always worried that he will be mistaken for his namesake who happens to be the chief economist for the World Bank.

M.E., Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India
B.S., Presidency College, Kolkata, India