The arts help students make connections across the curriculum. 


Maker Studio
This course introduces students to the maker culture at Proof School, and investigates the basic building blocks that lead to more complex projects. Students explore open-mindedly with primary materials like blocks, magnets, strings, and straws; expect plenty of builder kits like Legos, Zoob, and Make-Do cardboard prototyping. We tap into the sciences by building projects involving paper circuits, marble runs, and homemade contraptions, but we also engage the fine arts by making musical instruments and origami. Students share their work throughout the year via pin-ups and galleries. At the end of each year, communication becomes a main focus as students design and stage exhibits for the year-end symposium. To get a sense of the possibilities, we visit various studios across the city, including the Exploratorium and the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Making Art with Language, Letters & Type
This class is for advanced high school students, and shifts our maker culture from building machines that function like art to using machines that make art. The course challenges students to see letters not only as representing things but as things in themselves. We do this by designing type, working with letterpress printing, and creating palimpsests. In the process, we challenge students to see language as a material that does not always follow our will or mean what we intend. Throughout the year, we run Proof School Press, designing and printing broadsides for Emory University’s renowned poetry reading series that features Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel Laureates, and other internationally celebrated poets. Expected to be offered during the 2017-2018 school year.

Electives and Directed Research
Advanced students may choose to take electives and engage directed research projects in areas determined jointly by student interest and faculty expertise.