Advisory Board Spotlight


Advisory Board Spotlight


Watch Kyna Leski, part of our humanities advisory board, present on the creative process.



Mathematical Sciences Advisory Board

Mathematical Sciences Advisory Board


Arthur Benjamin

Professor, Harvey Mudd College

Mira Bernstein

Executive Director, Canada/USA Mathcamp


Linda Brody

Director, Study of Exceptional Talent | Center for Talented Youth (CTY), Johns Hopkins University

Brian Conrey

Executive Director, American Institute of Mathematics (AIM)

David Eisenbud

Director, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI)

Zuming Feng

Mathematics Chair, Philips Exeter Academy + MOSP Academic Director, USA IMO Coach


Vickie Kearn

Executive Editor, Mathematics and Computer Science,
Princeton University Press


Maria Klawe

President, Harvey Mudd College

Kristin Lauter

President, Association for Women in Mathematics
Research Manager, Cryptography Research Group at Microsoft Research

Richard Rusczyk

Founder, Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)

Mark Saul

Executive Director, Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Tatiana Shubin

Professor, San Jose State University + Director, San Jose Math Circle

Zvezdelina Stankova

Professor, Mills College + Director, Berkeley Math Circle

Francis Su

Professor, Harvey Mudd College + President, Mathematical Association of America

James Tanton

Mathematician in Residence,
Mathematical Association of America

Glen Van Brummelen

Founding Faculty Member, Quest University

Melanie Matchett Wood

Assistant Professor, University Wisconsin-Madison

Joshua Zucker

Co-founder, Math Teachers' Circle + Founding Director, Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals


Humanities + Social Sciences Advisory Board

Humanities + Social Sciences Advisory Board


Cynthia Stokes Brown

Professor Emerita, Dominican University + Founding Board Member, International Big History Association (IBHA)


Sarah Cooper

Co-Dean of Faculty, Flintridge Preparatory School

Thomas Jehn

Sosland Director of the Harvard College Writing Program

Kyna Leski

Professor, Rhode Island School of Design + Principal, 3SIXØ Architecture